Welcome to the
Alaris Infusion Pump Site

This site provides information to clinicians regarding the use and features of the Alaris Infusion Pump System with Guardrails.®. Use the buttons on the left to access information regarding training, policies, tips for use and IV supplies and accessories. You can request data set changes or report issues with the new Alaris IV infusion pumps directly from this site. When changes are made to any of the data set profiles within the Alaris System, that information will be provided to the left under the Alaris Update button.

Each unit or department has an individual (or individuals), titled Super Users, who have received comprehensive training on the Alaris Infusion System with Guardrails.® They should be able to assist you with your questions. The site also contains a Directions for Use Manual that you can access anytime.


Carefusion Customer Advocacy Group Welcome Letter
(Clinical and Technical Support) 

For any technical issues that arise after hours, you may call:
Care Fusion - Clinical and Technical Support Line at:
(888) 878-4287